5 Things we did to Spruce up our Walk In Wardrobe!

I’m excited to share today’s post as it is the first of my video series!  Today I am sharing with you the 5 Things we did to Spruce up our Walk In Wardrobe!

5 Things we did to Spruce up the Walk in Wardrobe Image

When we first bought our house the walk in wardrobe was the same colour as our main bedroom – very dark brown.  It made the room feel very small and drab and it just had two rails down the side for clothes.  So, we knew that when we painted the main bedroom this was also on the list to get spruced up asap!

5 Things I did to spruce up my Herb Garden!

The weather is getting warmer and sunnier so I have been spending a bit more time in the garden. I consider myself to be a novice gardener, I just plant the things in the ground and hope for the best. If it then all works out I consider that a win and I feel more confident to tackle further garden projects!

5 Things I did to Spruce up my Herb Garden!

Last year I put in my very first herb garden with about 5 different herbs, all I did was plant the things, add some special soil for herbs and just like that within a few weeks my garden was looking AMAZING.  Over winter, I let my herb garden get a bit overgrown and ugly so I decided that it was now time to give it a spruce up ready for summer.


I love having a herb garden it is located in a handy location right outside our kitchen for easy access and there is always a dish that you can add fresh herbs t0o, to make it tastier.  So if you are a novice gardener like me, want to spruce up your (or even put one in) herb garden then keep reading on for 5 things I did to spruce up my herb garden!

How to make Flax Flowers!

The flax plant is a native plant that is grown in New Zealand, it has sword shaped leaves that can grow anywhere between 1-3 metres and is a very hardy and fast growing plant – it can also be a neat crafting item!

How to make Flax Flowers

There are lots of things that are made by weaving flax leaves including baskets, mats and bags however today I am doing something that is a little bit more simpler to make but still looks amazing, today I am making flax flowers.

Flax flowers are great – you can send them as a gift or make a few of them and add them to your favourite vase.  Over time the leaf does dry out which then can be added to spruce up a dry arrangement. I think you could use any sword shape leaf, so if you have access to something like palm leaves you could try making the flowers with those. 

Wagalong – The Tag Along Puppy!

The other week I was contacted by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company asking if I would review one of their toys. So, I said “sure” I love toys, I have kids and of course they love toys – I’ll do it!

Review Wagalong

Literally 3 days later a box arrived on our doorstep with a cute toy puppy inside.  Today I am telling you about the Wagalong – the tag along puppy.  It is a soft toy dog that you can train to do things using a special wag tag (that you use to train the puppy with).  The puppy is soft and cute looking but does have a reasonably hard body for all the mechanical parts.  It has 4 wheels underneath for movement and it comes with step by step instructions that you will definitely need to read to learn how to train your puppy.  You will need a Philips screwdriver and 5AA batteries and 3AAA batteries (that are not included).

What…..You bottle feed your babies?

I always felt that this is a touchy subject especially when it involves newborn babies.  However, after 3 babies I have got to a point where I don’t care anymore what other people think or say so here it is…..I bottle feed all 3 of my children – whew there you go I said it!

What....you bottle feed your babies

Before anyone judges (because let’s face it people do) I fully support those that breastfeed and if you can do it and it works for you, fantastic! But let’s not put down or make those of us who choose to bottle feed whether it be by choice or other reasons feel ashamed, guilty or bad about it.  I had my own personal reasons for not breastfeeding, and I did try it…it didn’t work out for me, I hated it, my baby would get upset and be unsettled because I was, and I just felt pretty darn miserable.